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04/02/2018 | Tech Living
When choosing an android phone, select the one with an appearance you like, the features you want, and a good camera. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your new phone. 1. Photo backup with Google Photos Everybody nowadays loves to use their mobile phones to take photos and shoot videos. But to be sure your photos won’t be lost, or to view them at a later date,
20/12/2017 | Home Entertainment
The QLED TV series unveiled by Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd., including flat screen TV Q7F (55 and 65”) and curved screen TV Q8C (55,65 and 75”), is reminiscent of artworks, with sleek and streamlined bodies that blend in with different interior designs and infuse an artistic ambience. “Samsung takes consumer needs as the starting point of the design process, always coming up with new solutions for the marketplace. Addressing both design
12/12/2017 | Gadget
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be in cinemas soon. So, will Rey embark on the path of the Jedi? What will happen to Luke Skywalker? Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you are probably looking forward to this latest episode of the Star Wars movie story. So why not add to the fun, and enter the galactic world of Star Wars early with these six sensational immersive experiences?
30/11/2017 | Tech Living
Christmas is just around the corner! So what gifts should you be getting your friends and loved ones? Your girlfriend wants to take better videos, your kid brother wants a better sound system, and there are other important family members to consider as well! Spending money is one thing; the worst thing is buying gifts that are not fully appreciated. To help you choose the perfect gift for everyone, we’ve come up
09/11/2017 | Home Entertainment
The newest QLED TV series unveiled by Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd., which includes Q7F and Q8C, has adopted their flagship Quantum Dot technology, which 100% color volume to DCI-PS3 100 standards. From viewing angle and color volume to brightness and contrast, QLED TV has all achieved perfection, showing viewers a vivid real world on screen.“Samsung has always been setting the newest standards in the market through technological innovations. Our QLED TV
31/10/2017 | Tech Living
Autumn has arrived, so it’s the perfect time to go hiking! With light breezes and clear blue skies, what could be more enjoyable. Hiking is fun, and it’s even more fun if you can take great pictures of your adventure. But hiking has its risks too. You can get dehydrated on long hikes on sunny days. Or maybe you have an emergency and you need to make a call, but your phone
06/10/2017 | Tech Living
Many people feel that toys are just for play. But, in fact, many toys can also help kids to learn in an enjoyable way. The recent trendy STEM toys (STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths) are one example. Kids can use them to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills while having fun.By playing with these toys in different ways, kids can learn different skills. Some schools and playgroups are now
06/10/2017 | Home Entertainment
Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd. has unveiled the latest models of QLED TV series in Hong Kong, with extraordinary picture quality, design, and smart features, ushering in a brand new era of TV enjoyment. Samsung is offering a Smart Summer Promotion to provide families with one-stop ultimate entertainment experience.  One-stop Catering For All Home Entertainment NeedsSamsung One-stop Entertainment Kit pampers all kinds of entertainment needs, including exciting live matches for streaming of
13/09/2017 | Gadget
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